Grampa’s Gonna Get Us Kilt

I saw a video on Gab this week where the NATO folks were declaring that they voted Ukraine into the club. Haven't seen news of it anywhere else. If true, it's insane and stupid. And right on queue, who pops up but Generalisimo Greenscreen with this: "The US will have to send their sons … Continue reading Grampa’s Gonna Get Us Kilt

News Flash: Inflation Isn’t an Asset

Joey WaffleCone didn't have his teleprompter to tell him what to say the other day so he said this: The money quote is at 34 seconds. "That's an asset, more inflation. What a stupid sonofabitch" First, he looks weird. Stoned. I'm wondering if adderall is doing the job these days. He looks like a … Continue reading News Flash: Inflation Isn’t an Asset