Pay Your Fair Share!

They pumped old Uncle Joe full of adderall the other day, and stuffed him in front of the tele-prompter which told him to tell us that we need to pay our fair share, enough is enough. He used the same tone of voice he summoned to tell us he was out of patience with our insubordination to our vax duty.

Man, I’ve had enough of this.

First off, the demented half-wit just left $87B worth of gear in Afghanistan. Do I need to pay for that? They’ve spent a gob-smacking amount of money, and are gearing up to spend even more. God knows on what. Mostly to line their friends pockets if history is a guide.

Soon, interest rates will rise. We already have inflation, they just aren’t talking about it. We are heading down a really bad path that we’ve travelled before, only last time we didn’t have the debt. Interest goes up, and they will be ravenous for cash.

But what is fair?

Last time we went through this exercise, people were polled. Nearly every time their answers were a tax rate lower than was actually being paid. Fair, to me, is a fixed percentage. Everyone pays 10%, or 15%, whichever.

So what they’ll do is stoke envy. Envy is one of the deadliest of deadly sins in Catholicism. It’s poison. They’ll point out the “haves” and claim somehow they owe more. Herself is a tax accountant and when she hears this talk she goes nuts. The rich do, indeed, pay quite a bit of tax, as do companies. To the extent they do not, it’s because they are following the laws that fools like Biden in the congress wrote to allow them to avoid taxes. They aren’t doing anything wrong, illegal, or even immoral. A business has a duty to lower it’s tax burden as much as possible.

So they’ll fiddle with income tax rates, which mostly apply to the middle class. We already have one of the highest business tax rates in the world, and they won’t touch investments or assets.

Because it affects them.

Think about it. These senators and congressmen are paid $200K or so. They have benefits, which I’m certain are not taxed. How did many of them get wealthy? Not on income, I assure you. Most of them use the very same methods any executive would use to hide money from Uncle. Many are tax cheats themselves. Turns out Chairman Joe owes $500K.

Trumps tax plan limited the amount of tax you could write off on your state and city property taxes. Who does this affect? Your Bernie Sanders and other hypocrites like him living in high tax states with multiple houses. They brayed like jackasses when it was passed and vowed to change it. What is that if not a “fair share”. Is it fair that my federal income tax subsidizes these people in high tax states?

And who is rich? Who are they talking about? Because those super rich are relatively few, and the increase in tax, they will avoid. They won’t pay diddly. They really don’t learn, do they? We’ve done this during the Clinton years, adding various extra taxes on ‘luxury’ goods like jets and yachts. Who paid? Not the rich, I assure you, who simply went elsewhere to buy what they wanted.

Who took it on the chin were the employees and investors of companies that built these items. Not only that, there’s a huge web of other companies that service these companies – Fixing and installing their tech, manufacturing the materials they use, shipping their products, shipping their parts, providing services to the end customers.

Going to get weird, and bad. Stupid, greedy, incompetent, math disabled, and unable to learn. Toxic mix for what’s coming.