Not a Blackpill

Blackpill: Realizing nothing matters and there is nothing you can do that will change anything, it depraves you of all positive thought and makes you want to get some sort of meaning out of this limited time we have.

Urban Dictionary

I’ve been collecting links, pretty much all November, that catalog the evil, stupidity, incompetence, and basic numbnuttery happening. I had a thought to write yet another post chronicling the mess but it was coming in so fast I couldn’t collect my thoughts.

It suffices to say those in power have zero sense of history, even relatively recent history like the Jimmy Carter years. These geezers lived through it and still go down the same paths.

Vox Day has had pieces on dialectic vs. rhetoric for years. And what it occurred to me that I was about to head down the dialectic path, yet again. Look at this crap, here’s where it happened in the past, what the hell are they thinking.

Then I happened upon this at Sovietmen:

I can’t see all that I wish I could see but I can recognize when I’m flogging a dead horse.

There’s no point saying another word on the Covid madness. For now, the zealots have won and we’re all going to have to live with the consequences. No more posting graphs or analyzing infection fatality rates. No one cares. At this point, everyone either knows the truth or has decided to ignore the truth. I’m done pissing in the wind.

…I’ve long recognized that retail politics is a crock and not worth any serious thought. I should add Covid and Woke to the list.

Nikolai Vladivostok

What he said.

I can’t get wrapped up in this crap any longer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; these fools are going to burn this country down to rubble (figuratively speaking). They seemed oblivious and yet determined. No point being yet another voice crying out in the wilderness, to quote the bible. I can honestly say I’m sick of the COVID nannies, though. There’s no logic or reason circuit functioning in their brainboard. It’s utterly pointless to first, point out that the vaccines clearly don’t work. So at best, you’re wasting your time getting them. And second, remind the younger ones that they are far more a threat to an old geezer like me with issues than I am to them.

It’s all bullshit and everyone knows it

Adaptive Curmudgeon

That’s my observation as well. He had more greatness:

I have to repeat it because it’s such a simple beautiful concept. The thing an oppressive Government fears most is the person who has no problem walking away from the government’s panopticon to go hunting in the woods. 

There is nothing to be found in the woods, save yourself; which is everything.

It’s not just a matter of leaving the panopticon… it’s a matter of leaving the thick morass of propaganda and letting your mind actually think. Take three days fishing off grid and you’ll return to the endless soup of propaganda with new eyes. You’ll do the unthinkable… you’ll ask questions. “If the vaccine is awesome, why do they care if I take it?” “If COVID is the worst thing since ever, why aren’t the streets filled with dead bodies.” “The Amish didn’t get the shot and the Israelis did, who’s doing better?” “What’s the real reason there’s 100+ cargo ships sitting off the coast of California? And how wise was it to make ourselves dependent on that long supply chain?” “How did we go from exporting oil in 2019 to begging OPEC for oil in 2021?” Left, right, or center; if you’re in the usual 24/7 marinade of propaganda it’s affecting you.

Adaptive Curmudgeon

There really is nothing anyone can do. We’re headed for tough times. That is as clear as the nose on your face. Those with eyes ought to see, to quote the bible, yet again. Only thing you can do is see some of this stuff coming in advance and prepare.

Morons gonna moron. I’ll be concentrating on what’s important to me.

That said, I have faith in your average American. After all is said and done, we’ll sort things out.