Grampa’s Gonna Get Us Kilt

I saw a video on Gab this week where the NATO folks were declaring that they voted Ukraine into the club.

Haven’t seen news of it anywhere else. If true, it’s insane and stupid.

And right on queue, who pops up but Generalisimo Greenscreen with this:

“The US will have to send their sons and daughters… and they will have to fight, because it’s NATO we’re talking about.”

General ‘GreenScreen’ Zelesky

Nice that he ditched his generalisimo outfit for something more starwarsy.

Shorty here has a problem. The Russians are closing the loop in Bakmut, and it’ll soon become a cauldron, as is their style. They’ll slaughter what’s left of his troops, as they’ve done before. As it stands now, the new troops last four hours.

And we’re going to send exactly what into that?

No one’s gonna sign up for that. And if they did, a majority of fighting age are physically unfit, that’s before you get to their other pathologies – like the mental ones.

Back to NATO, you really think the Russians haven’t gamed this one out? Really think they don’t have a list of targets?

It’s all fun and games until you lose a carrier with all hands, or a sub goes missing and presumed lost.

Think that the Russians aren’t going to know when we’re sending ships with gear (even if we had it to spare?) or planes for an attack? They didn’t denude the KGB when the USSR broke up. They just changed it’s mission. They’ve always had really good human intelligence and you better believe there’s some moron more than willing to drop dime on what we’re loading on ships for a few shekels.

The problem here is that the ruling class here believes it’s own bullshit. As I’ve said before, there is no truth to them only narrative.

What we are seeing with our ruling class is they have come to think of their tall tales as reality, while reality itself is a conspiracy theory. In the case of January 6th, they think the insurrection story is real. In that story, cops were killed by an angry mob trying to overthrow the government. It is a conspiracy theory to point out that the only person killed was a white woman executed by a black man. The former is their reality, while reality is a reckless conspiracy theory.

We see the power of narrative everywhere now. The Ukraine war is a perfect example of how their own fantasies have supplanted reality. Content creators make up whoppers about how the Ukrainians are destroying Russian tanks with slingshots, while the poor Russians are forced to fight naked in the snow. Putin is a maniacal dictator holding together his rule with brute force, while his country crumbles. This is the reality of the people running the West.

The Zman

Reality has a way of showing up, eventually.

The icing on this cake was Joey IceCreamCone over there promising even more money we don’t have, even promising to help pay their pensionors. That’s nice. We have a cohort here in this country that has no hope of a pension of any kind, and he’s over there promising to pick up the tab for theirs.

Then he left, tripping up the stairs to his plane on the way out, again.

It would be funny if it were some other country putting the stupid into Uncle Stoopid. But we’re going it to ourselves which is sad and disturbing.

Soon enough, I’m guessing there won’t be much to laugh about.

Update: I was listening to the local news show on the radio this morning, and a congresscritter was on banging the war drums. “We have to do all we can to push Russia out”. Unreal stupidity. Total “Putin wants the whole country have to stop him now before he takes over more countries” cold war retarded bullshit. So it’s not just Grampa Joe, it’s the neocons in Congress too.

When you realize you’re digging a hole – stop digging. This guy says it better – and he’s actually in Ukraine.