I happened on a piece at Vox Day’s Site, The Spartacus Letter. Links to this one.

Lot of good info there, especially about how COVID works.

My problem with it, as with most conspiracy theories, is the amount of moving pieces and points of failure. The US Government isn’t like you see on ‘Blacklist’. From my observations dealing with Guberment types, it runs on the Pareto Principle. There’s 20% of the government workers that are dedicated professionals. They care about their jobs, and are competent. The other 80% is a conglomeration of morons, seat warmers, slackers, and doofuses. Hell, look at how they’ve handled this crisis so far.

Someone would, most surely, screw up. Some would blab, which we see from time to time now. General Milley is a prime example of this. You think those guys like him could engineer anything this complex and not blow it? Fauci is another one. The man isn’t a “Doctor” or scientist in any sense. He’s a career bureaucrat, who if memory serves, was key in flubbing the AIDS crisis back in the day. Funny how those with AIDS don’t seem to need an ID card warning others of their ‘unclean’ status. But I digress.

I believe 100% that this virus was engineered in Wuhan. I’ve said it before that I think they were playing with something they shouldn’t have and it got out of it’s cage.

I believe 100% that Fauci back-door funded this research and is in cahoots with Moderna. That whole incestuous relationship needs to be eyeballed. It’s so fishy it stinks on ice. I’d love to take a gander at his finances. A career flunky shouldn’t be all that wealthy, one would think. As an aside, if our government passes a law banning something, like this research, and someone in the government merely outsources it away from oversight, that someone should be in prison. In Gen-Pop.

I absolutely believe we have a large population in power that is both evil and self serving and absolutely used this event to their own ends. Everything they’ve done reeks of lusting for money, power, and control.

As far as it being some grand scheme to depopulate the earth? I’m not buying it. They aren’t that smart. And if that was the goal, it’s one of the biggest screwups of all time. Because the Russians, Chinese, Indians, and Africans, as well as most of the third world don’t appear to have gotten the memo. As far as the US goes, not everyone will contract the virus. Hell, I’ve never had so much as a sniffle. I generally don’t get colds or the flu, even if someone in the house contracts it. I know over a dozen that got it and had only the mildest of symptoms.

The one time I did get a cold, I wasn’t even a few months from cancer therapy, and thus had a weakened immune system. I was in a stuffy room with someone that had a cold. Even though she stayed ten feet away, I got it and got it bad. That’s why what I wrote about virus transmission makes sense.

Not everyone is vaxxed, and those that are not everyone has issues. Not everyone will get the vaccine, including, it appears, all the third worlders they are allowing to simply waddle into the country.

Too many moving parts. Too many variables.

So if it’s a grand, cunning plan, it’s either not working or is suffering from poor execution.

The only theory that I’ve heard recently that makes sense is that the repo market blowing up last fall scared TPTB, so they used this as an excuse to shut down the economic engine before it blew a piston rod. If it was, it was a dumb move that allowed a numbnut infestation to occur.

Nope. My money is on greed, stupidity, and incompetence. Hell, I’ll throw in evil as well, since many of these greedy bastards are hateful to their core.

We’ll see soon enough as various industries in various states impose vax restrictions on their employees. Some have done a total 180 as most of their staff walked. The best and funniest is the US Military. You’re really going to dishonorable discharge those that don’t want the vax? You think those of them that are highly motivated and skilled will just sit there and take that?

Most of these companies know, or will find out, that the fastest path to bankruptcy is losing your core producers. I’ve heard more than one idiot politician say they’d be replaced with immigrants. Sure. That’ll be fine, especially in hospitals. I don’t know, but I don’t think there’s a lot of STEM talent ambling across the border. The one’s I’ve seen appear to be coming for the Gibs.

We live in interesting times, that’s for sure.

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”