Deplatforming Works!

(h/t gunfreezone, I'mma poach j.kb's term in a minute here) AOC, a.k.a She Guevara was on the twitter (actually, it looks like tiktok) gloating about Tucker Carlson being fired. Of course deplatforming works. The commies have used it for over a century, only they do it better. I don't care about Tucker Carlson, I've … Continue reading Deplatforming Works!

Shoot Me!

Jethro has had guts issues for most of the week. I've been awakened the last few nights, usually twice, by the very unique "I'm gonna shit my pants" whine, followed by a more anxious bark. He's such a good dude. Does NOT want to go in the house. So I get up, grab for some … Continue reading Shoot Me!