See? It’s all so tiresome.

Last week I opined about the dearth of people in the medical industry support with more than a brain cell or two to rub together.

So in one short week, get this:

  • I get a bill from my FSA. They rejected part of the expense when I used my card to pay for my new lenses. Apparently $29 went to lense protection, which isn’t covered. Really? I burnt the last of my FSA – about $240 – on the lenses, and added another $240 of my own cash. Riddle me this; Which part – mine or theirs – paid for that plan? The receipt didn’t say and I didn’t ask. You know why? the woman who answered at my plan was a foreigner, and a moron. I had to repeat myself over and over, then she dissappeared and came back with that proclamation. One part of me says screwit, it’s $29, I’ll send them a check. The other says ‘release the hounds’. We’ll see if I’m in a mood for a fight next week. Maybe I go round two. As an aside, it’s virutally impossible to get someone on the blower that can speak english with these companies.
  • Those lenses came in, so I waddled up to Plano to have them installed. Just in time, as I was getting sick of the chip that’s dead center on my right eyeball. After what seemed like an eternity, the woman came out and said the lenses were gooched. They rattle in the frames. Lovely. They are reordering them. I had the choice to go back to the old ones or use the new rattley ones. I chose the new. So I’ll burn another hour or two when that happy day arrives.

I’ve read a bunch of stuff lately about the declining IQ in the US. Vox Day had a piece last week. It’s real, and it’s not just immigrants. There’s a lot of natives running around missing brain cells, or otherwise forgetting how to use them or plain old not giving two shits.

In the meantime, I suppose I’ll learn to deal with the utter lack of customer care and craftsmanship these days.

I gotta be able to make money off that somehow.