Like the Weather

Man oh Man, it’s been rainy here like Seattle.

I saw her sing this live long ago. Weird chick. Cool voice. Cool stage presence.

I’m a nut about songs that resonate with me. I go to and learn how to play them. This one is fun to play.

“What a cold and a rainy day! Where on earth is the sun, anyway?” And it’s how I feel.

It’s been very, very wet here this month. Weird for North Dallas.

There’s a thing that the locals say here when it’s raining:

“Well…We need the rain!”

Yeah. Right.

Been raining mostly since February. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as wet as it’s been this year.

Why do I feel like we’re going to get hammered this year?

I’d bet money this all shuts off in a month and we have 60 days of 105 degree misery.

It’s coming. Bet on it.

One thought on “Like the Weather

  1. I too saw her do this live in a little bar in Charleston South Carolina after they did a show at the local concert hall. Walked in & started playing the house band instruments, amazing to say the least.
    We haven’t had rain in couple of weeks now.


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