Sitting here farting around on the computer, just after going for a walk, and working out. I hear thunder. The skies have opened up for the first time in months. The temperature dropped twenty degrees. It's now hotter in my office, around all the running electronics, than it is outside. It's wonderful. Hope the spell's … Continue reading Finally

10 Biggest Adjustments for Locusts

From the Babylon Bee: Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing California for states like Texas and Florida, but it's not always easy to adjust to life in an American state. Let's look at the 10 biggest adjustments fleeing Californians have to make in their new states: Strange wet stuff falls from the sky once … Continue reading 10 Biggest Adjustments for Locusts

Tell the Beetle to Shuddup

Robert Francis (AKA Beto) O'Rourke was apparently at a school of some sort, flapping his lips about education (h/t Divemedic): O'Rourke is, of course, an idiot whose only accomplishments seem to be growing up affluent and marrying into money. He's a nobody former backbencher in congress for a few terms that appeals to the … Continue reading Tell the Beetle to Shuddup