They really are that stupid.

Why in the name of all that is holy are we poking at the Russian bear?

After the USSR cracked up, NATO should have been disbanded. It’s sole existence was to protect Europe from the Ruskies. Trump said it best, when he was insisting the EU pay up. He asked why are we over there providing security for the Germans when they were making deals for gas with the Russians? He was right. It was ludicrous.

Yet here we are. NATO is walking right up to the Russian Border.

What a waste.

When the USSR broke to pieces, and Russia re-formed, we could have extended a hand in friendship. They weren’t a threat and we have a lot of common interests. We wasted the opportunity.

We promised, of which I have no doubt, that we wouldn’t expand to their doorstep.

And what did we do? Brought in the Baltic states not too long after.

Then, Obama meddled in the Ukraine. The fruits of which we’re dealing with now.

I’m with Pat Buchanan on this. We have zero interest and zero business courting these former USSR countries into NATO. None.

We have zero business doing anything in Kazakhstan. I’m with Putin here. I smell the stink of the tall foreheads in the state department or CIA screwing around.

Three things come to mind.

First is just how stupid can we be? Russia has always had an issue with this sort of thing. Just like China and Taiwan, it’s a hot-button thing. Do we really think Putin’s just going to sit there and allow that? Anyone that’s paid any attention in the last 20 years knows this.

Second, What’ll we do about it if Putin calls our bluff? Because, make no mistake, our woke military can’t handle Russians on their turf. Think of the logistics trail here. Really think the EU will help whatsoever? Germany is already suffering over their poor energy choices, and rely on Russia for Gas. Think those pipelines will still have gas flowing? Sure.

Lastly, who’s going to pay for this? We’re beyond broke. China won’t be digging this. And together they can shatter our economy. And beyond that, what do you think about sending your kids to die over this silliness? Think they’ll be lining up at the recruiting centers like after 9/11 or when WW2 started? You gonna toss that stainless steel and aluminum cookware into a pile for the war effort like they did back in the day?

Shelves are already sparse in some areas. How many hot-pockets will you do without to defeat the hun? Are you willing to pay?

I’m guessing not.

Because it’s stupid.

We are led by the stupid, greedy, and incompetent.