Shithead of the Week

Didn’t do last week, even though I had one. Dude waited until the light was well red to turn left.

This one is better:

An idiot

You see that all the time around here when it rains. Nobs driving with their flashers on, way slower than traffic. Dude was wandering into my lane, not because his car was failing, he (or she) was probably on their mobile. That car continued well past the upcoming light. Going slow. Flashers on. Middle lane.

Emergency flashers are for when your car is disabled. Only time they should be on when you are moving is if you are in the far right lane, looking for somewhere to stop your hoopty. They aren’t used because you are afraid of driving in the rain and want to go way, way slower than traffic. I guarantee that around here, a cop will pull someone like that over to see if they need help.

You wanna go slow, 15-20 in a 45?

Here’s your sign:

That’s the go slow sign.

Better yet, if you can’t drive in the rain, don’t.