Odds & Ends

Another long week staring at screens.

And writing. Lots of writing.

I’m not a docs guy. I came to this profession by being a subject matter expert and a skilled engineer. I didn’t come by this by being a technical writer. I can do it, but I find it punishing. So much so I’m using Dragon to scribble this down.

Tired of typing.

I don’t really have a shithead of the week, I’ve gone nowhere. Although I did have a likely candidate, I suppose. I could pour through my dash cam to find her. I was turning into a parking space at Tom Thumb and there was this chubby lady wearing a mask, with a mask on her baby. I cannot even imagine why.

We’ve known all along that children are extremely low risk for COVID, and if they do get it it’s mild. All I know is the people that I know that were trying to protect themselves with masks, even now, get really sick when they get the coof.

Like going to the hospital sick.

So it seems to me that you’re missing out on a lot of that great herd immunity by wearing a mask. My opinion anyhow. I will be doing a piece on the amount of media that I consume that is still pushing shots.

They clearly don’t work. They clearly make matters worse. That’s just a simple observation that I see in my small circle of friends.

I had a major hankering for scrapple – on another note. That stuff is rare as hen’s teeth around here. I think I found it to Kroger once. I thought to myself I’ve seen it on dirty jobs it could be that tough and look through a few recipes and it turns out it isn’t. So I tried making some.

It clearly isn’t right.

It doesn’t look anywhere near horrible enough. I think it needs more wheat flour with the cornmeal. And I used already cooked pork from some country style ribs and a container of dirty rice mix for the the gutty works.

So no recipe until I figure it out. I clearly didn’t cook off enough water, although the dough looked pretty cooked. Bone broth is not a substitute for the water that the pork would be boiled in. I think you need the fat that’s rendered during the cooking process.

But what came out wasn’t bad. Kind of tasty in fact. More sausage he than scrapple really. And I got a ton of it. I may have to give some as a booby prize to someone.

I have a major, major pet peeve in life. Two in fact. The first is someone texting me telling me to call them.

It’s not that I’m unreachable. FFS, I’ve been sitting at a desk typing all day and would’ve enjoyed a call. The text makes me stop I’m doing, roll my eyes, and call the person back.

The other is my time being shanghaied. There was a term on a rush song; “…too many hands on my time, too many feelings…”. So the end result of this is I’m going to have to take over as a project, or at least the end part of it, that was volunteered for the group. Something I found out way past anything that I can do anything about. So my morning will be shot tomorrow.

Oh well. I’ve a garden to put together when I get back from that. And figure out what the hell is eating my baby pepper plants.

Ain’t nothing but a party