I Don’t Care

Joey IcecreamCone has announced he’s running for re-election.

Oh goody.

He put out an odd video, more like a commercial. Apparently he want’s to finish the job, whatever that is. Total destruction of the country, I’m guessing. Let’s tally his accomplishments so far:

  • Inflation (real inflation) is >15%, more like 20. Every time I hit the store everything is more expensive. The bulk pack of toilet paper I was buying for $16 or so this summer is now $23.
  • He cut and ran from Afghanistan, leaving billions of dollars of hardware that will no doubt find it’s place on black market.
  • Seeing the cut and run we did, Russia and China are going full bore in their interests.
  • He’s funneled all sorts of cash into Ukraine, which no doubt, is being laundered and sent back.
  • His feckless idiocy with Russia is causing ‘de-dolarization’. As Elon Musk tweeted – “If you use your currency as a weapon people stop using it. We’re only beginning to see the effects of that particular shitshow.
  • He’s gotten the military so woke, they are tens of thousands under their recruiting goals.

Oh there are far worse things afoot, like like the EPA regulations on Freon (the current stuff will be banned shortly), and CO2 emissions on powerplants.

That said, I don’t care. He’s hated. Even the majority of his own party doesn’t want him to run. His grifting operation has been coming more and more clear into focus. Eventually, this and his incompetence will detonate things. People love someone to blame, and he has it coming.

He won’t make it. That’s my guess. You can only animate his carcass so much, and he’s been getting worse and worse.


Fox fired Tucker Carlson.

Who cares?

I don’t watch Fox, or the others, and haven’t for at least 20 years. I’ll watch Tucker clips if some site I’m reading highlights them, but I don’t seek them out. Fox has been ruined since they shitcanned Roger Ailes. Then he put his idiot kids in charge, who now want to hang with the cool kids by turning Fox into CNN. Just like with my company and the product I used to support. Why enjoy a lucrative niche market when you can stuff a product into the cloud and compete with every Tom, Dick, and Mary in the field?

I really don’t care. In Fox’s case, wouldn’t be the first time an iconic company was brought low by the founder’s wastrel children. Eventually the suck will be so intense they’ll do something idiotic and try to sell streaming subscriptions with content that’s generally free, like CNN tried to do.

So. Yeah…