Deplatforming Works!

(h/t gunfreezone, I’mma poach j.kb’s term in a minute here)

AOC, a.k.a She Guevara was on the twitter (actually, it looks like tiktok) gloating about Tucker Carlson being fired.

Of course deplatforming works. The commies have used it for over a century, only they do it better.

I don’t care about Tucker Carlson, I’ve already said that. And he didn’t get fired like you or I would. They pulled him off the air and are paying him for the remainder of his $20M contract. So he has plenty of luncheon vouchers to do whatever he wants. Build a new platform, go somewhere else. It’s all about eyeballs, and he’s proven to get them. He’ll be fine.

The Tuckers of the world aren’t a threat to the republic. In a republic, we put sunshine on issues and discuss, argue, sometimes slapfight before they are resolved. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. All you do by silencing dissent is clamp the lid on the pressure cooker. It inevitably blows up. This is the way it’s worked since the roman empire. It’s not ‘governance’ per se, it’s how humans work. Like Winston Churchill was credited to say “Jaw Jaw is better than War War”.

The threats to the republic are those like her, who was deep in college debt working in a bar because she got a useless degree and is none to bright anyhow. Someone stuffed money in her campaign to primary an incumbent democrat, and she got elected on a platform of mostly class envy. Except now, she’s wealthy, rumored to be worth $29M+ in a little over one term as a congresscritter making $175K.

How does that happen?

We all know but no one will look.

It’s her and her ilk – the ‘squad, Your Nancy Pelosis, Maxine Waters, Chuck Shumers, Bernie Sanders and even Joe Biden types that have done diddly but run for office, just like a huge chunk of the other greedy midwits in congress. They know nothing of how the world works other than how to grift.

Petty imbeciles like her are the reason we have jaw dropping inflation, banks failing, and are heading to war with Russia and China. They make shit up and then start believing it.

I’ll take a Tucker Carlson any day over that Circus.