One thought on “Great Observation

  1. Penis envy,, Remember that? I’m plumbed to pee outside, no hassle.. Personally, I can Not Imagine, as a certain date on the calendar approaches, I start holding water, emotions start changing, only to culminate in several days of having to deal with bleeding and needing to make sure nobody can tell. I’m curious about how anyone can say
    I FEEL like a woman..
    How the Hell is that even possible? No, you don’t Feel like a woman. You just don’t Want to deal with the world as a Man. Being a man Is not easy. It requires sacrifice and determination, and a willingness to have less so your family can have more. I guess some people are willing to hide from their responsibilities and try to find a Knight in Shining Armor to make life easier for them. Essentially being a whore. Just wait until there simply Isn’t enough Maybelline to hide the years and then they are on the street. Growing up with Leave it to Beaver, watching what our society has become is Seriously stressful,, but I still don’t Feel like a woman!


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