It’s Raining

Sunday night, the temperature dove, and it started raining.

Not a deluge, just a good, old fashioned soaking rain, which lasted well into the next day.

So that marks this summer as a typical North Texas summer. We had nearly two months of 100+ heat. Then, rain and lower temps. It’s supposed to rain tonight as I write, then be nice and sunny the rest of the week with more rain on the weekend.

It’s glorious.

My plants are sighing in relief.

Right on queue, not a half hour after the rain started, the emergency vehicles started rolling. Numbnuts wrecking their cars. It went on mostly through the night. And even today, seconds after I shot that video, I hear the telltale WHAP! of numbnuttery right near my house.


Near as I can figure from the snippet of camera video I have, he simply wiped out and ran over the street sign, grazing the pole in the process. I got busy and didn’t see any cops show up. I think he merely got help pushing it back and drove off.

I was about to call 5-0, when I studied my camera video and noticed the homeowner come out of his door, as well as you can see the neighbors.

Meh…none of my business.

Just a normal rainy day in North Texas.

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