Gonna Be a Great Weekend, Tater.

Last week we got rain.

No shit. Just like in the movies where it starts raining and people start bawling.

45 minutes of rain, and then under 100 temps.

This week, Same thing. Rain. Then it barely hit 90 today.

It felt like we won the lottery. When actually it’s just Texas weather. A month or two of 100+, then it breaks. It was dark when I let the dogs out today, and under 80 degrees. Fall is coming. Oh, there’ll be more, rest assured. The other Texas thing that happens is ‘PSYCH!”. We’ll get hit with a blast of heat before fall starts. Bet on it.

In the meantime, my lawn breathes a sigh of relief. My Garden is mostly wasted, but I have basil, peppers, and the tomatoes are starting again. We’ll see where that goes. This weekend I’ll clear the destroyed cucumber plants, and start one what’s happening for the fall. I’m thinking broccoli, Boc Choi, maybe kale, God Forbid. I’ll plant the Olives, finally, this weekend because the ground is no longer concrete.

In other news, I picked up the hoopty today.

Technically, I could’ve kept the 4Runner this weekend. But Aria is going to her Foster’s house to spend a day with her mom. Not the foster, her actual mom. She loves those trips. Saturday, I’ll load the Jet-man up and take him there with Herself for dinner. The 4Runner had a 3rd row, so the deck was a bit high for the dogs. Besides, even though I love 4Runners, I don’t care for Enterprise Rental Beaters. Although it’s a 2021, the tranny whines, it shimmies at highway speeds, and it’s bitched about needing an oil change since the day I picked it up.

This weekend it’ll be cool and sunny. The grandkids are over, so I’ll be busy. Still have work to do. Maybe I’ll press them into service. They certainly can plant seeds.

Gotta run. Time to drop a dog off, and shut down my servers to move them away from grubby fingers.