Protecting the Flock

We had two of the grandkids overnight this weekend. Aria, who’s a bit unpredictable with kids was sent to visit her mom.

Jethro adores the grandkids and follows them everywhere, which kind of freaks them out. Sizewise, it would be like a pony following me around.

We took the kids to the park, walking there with the big guy. There wasn’t a lot of sniffing and dragging of paws on this walk. Jethro has to lead, or at least be next to the wagon.

We waddled over to the playground, something I give a wide berth usually. Neither dog is happy with strangers, and they are both very protective. So I sat down on a bench to watch the kids play, keeping the beast on a short leash.

He did really well. He didn’t let either one out of his site, which was funny since they split up at one point, which had his head going back and forth. When they’d disappear, he’d frantically look and whine. Did not like them out of his sight, let alone out of his area of control.

When it was time to pack up, the boy got in the wagon, and Herself went to fetch the girl. A couple with two dogs, one of them a fat doberman, came within 10 feet of the wagon so Jethro cut loose. He wanted them to stay away from his boy. They were cool about it. Never seen a doberman quail though. Even though it was big, Jet towered over it.

All the excitement over with, we headed back but ended up making a pit stop at the restrooms.

Jet didn’t like that one bit.

He stood there, nose at the door, until they came out.

Is there anything better than a big doofus that’s super protective?

I have no doubt that if someone were to lay a hand on those kids, that would be the last time they used their arm for anything but holding a sleeve on.

It was a lot of fun, but exhausting.

Jet was already tired when we loaded him in the car to visit Aria and her mom. The three dogs played while we visited and had dinner.

They spent Sunday, paws up, catatonic.