Jasper Update

I got an update from the family what adopted Jasper.

If you want to catch up, you can here, here, and here.

I hadn’t heard anything since the first two weeks. They had some usual dog adoption things. Jasper is a man’s dog, a ferrari. If you aren’t a dog person, adopting him is like buying a supercar and learning to drive.

That said, the payoff is huge. Just like with a super car.

The mom texted me to get the details on his flea and heartworm meds and gave me an update:

Jasper in his new home
Jazber waiting for his dude.

He’s bonded with the whole family. That pic on the staircase is him waiting for his dude to come home.

I’m so happy. I love that dog. I nearly lost my wife over that dog. And to see him happy makes my heart happy. He still has issues, but they are down to the ones I had as well. They have a neighbor that’s a dog trainer so they are spending the dough to have him professionally trained.

So I call that a win-win. We’re happy. Our dogs are happy. They are happy.

Jasper’s happy.

That’s a “W”