10 Biggest Adjustments for Locusts

From the Babylon Bee: Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing California for states like Texas and Florida, but it's not always easy to adjust to life in an American state. Let's look at the 10 biggest adjustments fleeing Californians have to make in their new states: Strange wet stuff falls from the sky once … Continue reading 10 Biggest Adjustments for Locusts

The World Needs More Pauli Walnuts

Hah..haha.... https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/robert-iler-harassed-sopranos-set-tony-sirico-1235316129/ “When all the molesting stuff gets talked about… people always say to me, ‘Did anything happen like that on your set?'” Iler said. “And I’m like, you think Tony Sirico was standing around, if there were people eyeing me the wrong way, like ‘Oh, Rob looks really cute today,’ Tony Sirico is just … Continue reading The World Needs More Pauli Walnuts