Got the Boot?

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FWIW the tire looks marginal, and a steel rim like that is what? $50 new? Yeah.

Way back in the olden times, my dear departed Brother-in-Law John told a tale of finding a boot on his truck. At the time he was a building engineer. So he grabbed his torch out of the back, cut the lock off, and chucked the boot into the C&O canal (He was in Georgetown, DC at the time).

This was before I realized that nearly all his tall tales were actually true.

So, sure enough, one day we’re going to drink in G-Town. I think I was driving and he told me this story. We parked and started walking to the bar and he said it was real close to where he chucked that boot in the canal.

Sure enough, as we crossed the canal on a walkway, it was drained. And what was sticking up in the mud?

The boot he’d cut off.

DC, at the time and probably more so now, was absolutely rapacious with tickets. I knew more than a few dudes with a yuge collection of them. Hell, when my sister gave me their beat up Olds Cutlass when they moved to San Francisco, I pulled out 3-4 dozen ignored parking tickets.

Not sure how it is today, but back then, Washington DC was so dysfunctional and corrupt that if you lived in VA you could pretty much ignore any ticket.

The only risk was if you parked illegally, or the meter ran out, and you had unpaid tickets.

So you’d park in a garage when there. Big deal.

FWIW, I don’t think DFW uses boots. I’ve never seen them here. What they do is tow.