Gratuitous Dog Pics

Jethro still isn’t quite right.

He’s eating, but it’s hit or miss. He seems OK, but he still isn’t pooping real solid. The other day on a walk he stopped at least five times to grunt one out, and all that arrived was drops of goo.

Sorry for the reference. But sizing up your dogs shit gives you clues to their health. They can’t tell you.

He also starting licking is thigh like crazy. There clearly was something there that confounded me. Maybe he bumped his hind quarters in the dog door? Maybe some asshole shot him with a BB gun? Did crazy girlfriend Aria take a chunk out of his hide? Nah. I doubt that. If anything, since he’s been down she’s been gentle and loving.

Makes you nearly bubble at the concern she shows for him.

Whatever it is I was spraying it with doggie medical products that have antiseptic, lanacane , and a bitter taste to discourage licking.

Whatever it was, it’s a hole now. I’m thinking a boil. There’s no telling other than it looks like whatever was trying to get out got out. Looks like a popped boil on a human. So I filled it with medication.

I’m more worried about the guts, lack of appetite, and weight loss. Dudes 10lbs light, at least.

He’s normal otherwise. Wanting to go on walks, fussing at Herself when she comes home because he wants her to play.

We’ll see. He’s a big dude, and he’s 8 years old.

One thought on “Gratuitous Dog Pics

  1. You might want to have it looked at… he may have picked up a parasite somewhere and left eggs. Hope all goes well.


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