Made in China

For the last two weeks, something has been smelling hot around here.

Hot as in electronics cooking hot.

Drove myself crazy sniffing around. Maybe it’s the ion thing on the fan. Nope.

Maybe it’s the new receiver. Nope.

There’s a laptop with a doc, 4 monitors, 2 PoE adaptors, 2 storage appliances, a camera system, the cable modem, a printer, and God knows what else. There’s a lot of stuff running in this office is what I’m trying to say.

But there was clearly something cooking, and not in a good way.

It’s the kind of thing that keeps you up at night. Like, thinking maybe the outlet under my desk is overloaded and what’s burning is the wiring inside the outlet. Seen that happen (though not here).

Any other weird thing – like a noise in a car, I’d shrug. It’ll break soon enough and I’ll find it. But this needed to be found.

Well, break soon enough it did.

That there is the plug to my new tower.

I sat down to drink tea can catch up on the blogroll Saturday morning. Mashed the on button on the tower.


Huh. Mashed it again. PFFT…..sizzlesizzle…FUCK!

Things brand new! how’s the power supply cooked already? Not a huge deal, I have a brand new one around somewhere here. I’m a pack rat afterall. But FFS, not even a year old. I haven’t even claimed it as an expense yet!

So I cleaned the contacts on the power supply. They cleaned up OK. Then I fished through my junk empire and found a stout power cord, probably from my old power hungry rack servers. It fit snug.

All powered up OK. A lesson learnt.

The lessson: when you buy your Lenovo tower and it comes with a power cord a little thicker than you’d have on a desk lamp, use your old tried and true fat server ones instead. I literally looked at the thing when I first installed it and thought, Nah – I need to grap a proper cord. But then thought fuggit, it’s the one that came with, and these things use less power.

What could go wrong?

Made in China. That’s what.