Made in China, Part 2

We bought these cool bamboo blinds for the door and windows to the sunroom.

They’re helpful because we can shut them at night, and the dogs don’t see critters in the back and start barking.

They were very cool when we first got them. You’d simply lift them up to open them, pull them down to close them. They had some spring mechanism to the cords that made this happen.

Worked well. Up until it didn’t.

I’m guessing they weren’t made to go up and down twice a day. One of the cords broke on the window and loosed the spring. I took it apart and couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to rewind it to work. Nothing I did made it work properly. It would make the shade crooked, it would sag. No parts could I find anywhere to fix this.

So I did the right thing and ripped it all out.

And replaced it with string and pulleys. And small pullies are unobtainium, pretty much. So are small cleats, which I wanted to secure the cords. I used a hook. I’m certain those pulleys are made of chinesium, but they are simple and work well.

Blind pulls up like a champ now, and stays where it’s supposed to stay.