Memory Lane

As I catch up on even more bullshit writing tonight, I’m listening to iTunes.

Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G Major by Bach.


(An obscure reference! get it?)

Total flashback….

I’m in my room back in my parents house. My sister left for college, and I have the small room – called the ‘blue room’ to myself. That’s how it worked. Everyone shared a room. The oldest got this room, about the size of my walk-in closet in my first house in Plano, to ourselves.

I got a stereo made from parts I got from other’s trash in the neighborhood. The speakers are 12″ woofers – open, sitting on the bookshelves. Literally junk. But I fixed it for free and it sounded great. I think the turntable was a belt drive el cheapo brand.

So I’m grooving one night listening to this, because for some reason I have the album, and the old man comes up. He tells me while he thinks my selection of music is admirable, could I cut the shit. He has to work in the morning after all.

God I miss the old man.

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