Goodies from the Motherland!

My wife was visiting her sisters in Louisiana, and stopped to stock up on goodies you can’t find here.


Don’s is the best Boudin you can find. And, it’s online!

That crawfish there was FRESH! First freezer it saw was ours, and it was MORE than reasonable at ~$12/lb, for an actual pound. You see, Don’s doesn’t do shrinkflation. Over to the right is homemade smoked sausage and Andouille, to the left, dirty rice mix – all the dirty gutty bits ready for rice.

Oh Man!

My wife izza BEST!

I struggle whether to share some of this with the locals here. It would be eye opening.

You yanks have no earthly idea what your missing. None.

One thought on “Goodies from the Motherland!

  1. We have a Rouses grocery store around the corner. Live crawfish if you want or cooked. And just about anything else Louisiana. Just finished peeling & vacuum bagging 50lb. of crawfish. Got 30lbs of tail meat plus the few lbs I ate. Now to make stock. Maybe after a little nap.


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