Don’t Grow Old…

I meant to write a short post, laughing at one of the senior moments I’ve been having lately, but I figured I’d plug something great while I build up what set me up for this moment.

I found Duluth Trading when I was looking to score some dude stuff to add to the son and son-in-law’s stockings at Christmas. They basically cater to men. Real men.

So for father’s day, the boy got me shorts, some bollock coddling, cooling underpants, and some cologne. I just tried the undershorts the other day. They’re good. Not as good as Jinshi, but good. Jinshi is super comfy, holds your junk as it should, and wicks sweat like nothing else. But Duluth is right up there with them.

It’s the shorts that are a wonder.

They are super sturdy, and have tons of pockets. They have just enough elastic in the waistband to ensure your pants don’t drop to your ankles at the absolutely wrong time. They are probably the most comfortable shorts I own, other than my Columbia pair.

One of the cool things these shorts have is a mobile phone pocket.

Stuff the phone here

Super handy.

Unless you forget you put it there. Like I’ve done twice now.

I lose the phone, then ping it with my Apple Watch only to walk around in circles with the damn thing pinging in my pocket.

Way back in time, I was wrenching on an old van I’d bought, my Grandmother sitting in a chair on the porch. She kept smacking at the ivy on the wall with her cane. I went up and asked what the hell she was doing. “Bees” she said. She thought there were bees in the ivy, so of course she was smacking them with her cane.

I told her she was nuts and went inside for a beer.

There was my little brother with a handheld cheap car racing game.

“Hey, you wanna see something funny?”

He starts the game. “BZZZZZZ” go the fake cars. Smack smack goes grandma’s cane on the ivy.

I can only hope my grandkids won’t take advantage of my addled brain. I can see me wandering the house like C3P0 tracking down the pinging on my phone with them giggling behind the door.

One thought on “Don’t Grow Old…

  1. I’ve been wearing Duluth Trading stuff for years. I like the fire hose work pants. Climbing around in & under boats they last year’s longer than Red Cap work pants.


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