I was unloading vittles in the fridge, and it started beeping. A door was open and my arm was on the panel.

OK, I’ve heard this before. It’s what it does if you leave a door open. I’ll do it if a door is open and you try and use the ice dispenser.

All packed up. I noticed I didn’t put the dogs water bowl back down after the robit vac finished. So I grabbed it, put it down, grabbed a pitcher to fill it and went to the fridge.

No bueno. No water and a read sign that said “cooling off” like it does if a door isn’t shut.


So I drove myself nuts trying to figure which door wasn’t closed or which switch was causing the malfunction here.

Totally twarted, I went to the interwebs.


So I went back and mashed the two buttons.

No bueno.

So back to the site to poke around and find my model. Everything came out as the image said.

So back I go and mashed my thumb across both buttons (instead of using two fingers).

Beep Beep Beep…Now it’s cooling.

What in the name of all that is holy is that feature even put in a fridge? What’s the point of turning the breeze off inside the icebox?

FFS…there’s an engineer somewhere that thought this was a good idea needing a kick in the nuts.