False Flag?…My ass.

The media was abuzz over the drone attack at the Kremlin. Many saying it was a Russian false flag, just like blowing up the Nordstream 2 pipeline. Yeah.

You know, I can’t listen to these fools. As soon as they start up babbling, I tune out. The stupidity is breathtaking. Nearly all they say defies logic and reason.

Why in the world would they blow up their own pipeline when they had already turned the spigot off? Same thing with the Drone attack. What’s the purpose? Joe Russian Sixpack mostly agrees with what’s doing in Ukraine, and doesn’t think they are hitting them hard enough.


We blew up the pipeline. We’re the only ones that had both means and motive.

And the drone? Who knows. Probably a three letter operation. A dumb one. Like they did in Cuba.

You know, the information is out there. You can get it from actual Joe Russian posting on Telegram. There are videos, there’s news. Get a few sources you can figure what’s going on.

So I’m not buying it. None of it.

One thought on “False Flag?…My ass.

  1. If you Always disbelieve The Story the government and media are pushing, you will be incorrect less than if you believe them, by a big margin. Nope, not buying it.


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