On the Mend

Jet had a steroid shot on Friday afternoon, and $180 later I was sent on my way with my sick dog and a container of steroid pills and was instructed to continue the antibiotics. Great.

Saturday morning, he didn’t look well. I struggled to give him all his pills. And as I was leaving I noticed he spit out one of the antibiotics. I had a meeting all day, so I wasn’t hoping for the best when I got home that night.

Things were different when I got back. I bought some roast beef lunchmeat to make the pills go down better. Homey nearly bit my hand off eating them and snatched Aria’s taste out of mid air.

He was hungry!

So he had a small dinner of ground beef and rice.

Sunday he seemed to be on the mend.

He’s still not quite right and I created two monsters with the beef and rice supplements. Now, neither one finishes their kibble. Meh..It’s cheaper than the good quality canned food and they flat out won’t eat the el cheepo stuff I find at wally world. His bowels seem to be correcting.

The Doc said if this worked we’d have to have a conversation about diet.

I’ll take it. Better than what could have happened.

Jethro Sunday night. Happy at Mommy’s feet.