Jethro Update

Finally got the tests back from the Vet.

$500 lighter, and a week later, we know more but nothing certain. We do know the flags for pancreatitis were negative. So that’s not his issue.

Looks like an intestinal inflammation of some sort. He’s low on follic acid, which is an indicator. Tells us where the issue is but not what’s causing it. Could be Doggie IBD, or Lymphoma. We don’t know. And the only way to find out for sure is either sonogram or scoping.

The other option he gave was that if it was walking like a duck and quacking like a duck, it probably was a duck. Simple, Occam’s razor point saying it most likely was a simple guts inflammation, probably caused by diet, like shepherds can get. So they’ll give him steroids to see if it clears things up and lets him heal.

I’ll be taking him this afternoon to see the good doctor and we’ll see from there.