Get a Dog. Die Alone.

Looks like Don lemon has stepped on his knob claiming that Nikki Haley is past her prime. Being a Homo, he probably doesn’t understand heterosexual sexual market value (SMV). In a nutshell, the SMV basically says that since men want women that are younger, fit, not tattooed, and debt free, once a woman gets to a certain age her value decreases.

Nikki Haley is in her 50s, is married with two kids, and has a pretty long list of accomplishments. Once women are passed childbearing age, more or less, they certainly are not in any way shape or form out of their prime. As a matter fact they have time to concentrate on their careers at that point and tend to be pretty good at what they do.

A great example is Herself. While I am 60 years so, and my attention span for technology is waning, meaning I can’t hang some of the hot rods in the industry, my wife is sharper than ever. Her stock in trade is attention to detail, and that she has in spades.

So no, the 50-year-old woman is not washed up.

But while I’m at it, this leads into a funny post I was going to do celebrating black history month by looking at a facet of black culture. I came upon Kevin Samuels while listening to an Officer Tatum YouTube post. The post was commemorating him upon his death. Apparently he died recently, in his 50s, of a heart attack. Not uncommon in planet realworld.

Kevin Samuels, was a relationship coach and image consultant and one of the types he was relationship coaching was well-to-do black men. This is probably why all these women facetimed him.

I subscribed to his channel, but never really delved into it until a few weeks ago where my normal channels didn’t have a lot of content to watch. They really are pretty funny. Here’s a sample:

Big Shirley, “you can hear the cholesterol in her voice”. I got a belly laugh out of that line – “You can hear the cholesterol in her voice”, before he goes on a rant.

This one is funny because the woman makes pretty good money. She, like the rest of them, always say they are some sort of entrepreneur. Usually it’s they have a nail or eyelash business. He tried to fisk this out as multilevel marketing, but she evaded that pretty well. In any event, the funny thing here is when he called her out because she said she was tired of dating thugs and drug dealers and she doesn’t have any time anyway. Of course his reaction was; hold up, you had time for drug dealers and thugs why don’t you have time to look for the man you say you want?

This was funny because both of the women are young. One of them has absolutely ridiculous false eyelashes. It’s funny how a lot of the women that facetime him are wearing these stupid false eyelashes. These two are actually in their 20s, and only one of them has a kid. He’s trying to lead them to understand that the market that they’re aiming for is pretty small and they don’t have a lot to offer, which I’ll delve into later. This one’s funny because as he says the market is small for them, they say they’ll branch out and attract men other than black men. To which he replies, “Well, you better ditch the eyelashes and the long nails. Hispanics, Whites, and Asians don’t go for that shit”. And so we don’t. I marvel at those big stupid eyelashes, usually focusing on the little dots of mascara they leave under their eyebrows and I see the nails as plain ridiculous.

I didn’t watch this one again but it’s like all the others. He has to explain to her why a high-value man wants nothing to do with her kids and baby daddy. I don’t know why this is a surprise. I had a girlfriend with a kid once. I told my son to never go there unless there are absolutely no other options. The drama just isn’t worth it.

These women are nearly always:

  • In their 30s, usually late 30s, with some outliers in their 20s and 40s
  • They all are painfully average, which is his phrase not mine. You wouldn’t look at these women twice had you seen them at a Walmart.
  • Most of them have kids, usually more than one, usually with more than one father.
  • They all think they deserve a high income man, and think they can get him.
  • They all think, and want, this high income man to pay for them and their kids.

There are a handful of sadder cases. Those women who are childless, fit, not bad looking, but simply burned their youth building a career and now are in their early forties and wanting to settle down. Those are the truly sad cases. They typically are OK with any man that would wife them up. None are offering.

So his response to the typical caller usually centers out on a couple of tactics:

He’ll first ask how tall they are, what’s their dress size, how much they weigh. Then on a scale of 1 to 10, where do they rate themselves when they are without their makeup in the morning, and they can’t say seven. Most say 5. Of those I’ve seen, I’d say most are 3, to be honest.

He does this to try to enlighten them that they are average women going after above average men.

Then he’ll ask them exactly what kind of man they’re looking for. When they say a good looking man making good six figures, he asks how much. It’s nearly always in the 200k to 500k+ region.

Then, depending on the status of the woman that facetimes him, he takes two different tacts:

If they don’t have kids, he’ll ask them how many men do they think is in this pool of men that they’re going after? They always get it wrong. One of the videos he actually went through the census statistics and came up with a number of 200K or so, nationwide. Then he asks them how many women do they think they’re competing with? The answer was something like 4 million. There are a lot of women without baggage in that same competition.

That’s when he gets to the second tact – the one he uses for women with kids. What are you bringing to the table for these high-value men? They always rattle off a list of things and his answer is always “they don’t want that” or “they have that”.

If they have kids, he’ll ask what can they give them? They’ve already given most precious thing that they ever could, a child. But they gave that to another man first. He’ll then explain that monied guys do not want and don’t have to raise her kids.

Another tactic he’ll use is to ask them if they grew up with a father. Most haven’t, which is sad. I think I’ve only seen one or two that did. This is where he explains to them that the men they are looking for want a wife, something they were never taught how to be. I’ve seen others where he asked them what do they think that man is looking for and they’ll say a “Betty”. I’m going to guess that’s for Betty Rubble of the Flintstones. No idea. But what he says they want is a pretty, fit woman, who’s not going to argue with them and let make his life miserable.

They don’t understand why that’s attractive?

Fact of the matter is that men that are well-off and single have all sorts of choices. It’s what it is.

These women don’t want to hear what he has to say. Or if they do, they leave the call pretty sullen. But what he’s doing here is simply giving them advice that their father or grandfather would have given them. Basically, if you want to get married and have kids, you need to find a guy with potential to marry you sometime in your 20s. Hell, that isn’t me talking. I’ve read more than one article by women who say if you want kids, you need to start young and look for a husband in college. Their logic is keen – you’ll never be around more eligible single men with potential ever again. Get out in the working world and it gets geometrically harder. Hell, in my day I learned the hard way not to pursue women at work. Now, 40 years later, to a guy it’s fatal.

Guys who want wives tend to find them when they are between 25 and 35. If you’re a woman that’s 35 or older, the good ones are a small and shrinking pool. It’s not me. It’s maths.

What he’s telling them is that the point is building relationships, not who they are and what they want. There’s nothing wrong with an average guy who’s going give them children and take care of them in their old age.

Can’t fault him for that one bit since that’s advice that I would give any young woman who asked, and not too far from what I told my own daughters. What I would say now as an older man is that if you marry a guy when you’re in your 20s, he will always remember you as that woman. I see my wife as every bit as beautiful as she was the day I married her, and still feel lucky and blessed she said yes when I asked.

But these women don’t get that. Nearly to a one, they argue until he delivers his signature line as he hangs up on them:

“Fine. Get a dog. Die alone”

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