Spring is Springing, and a Lazy Dawg

It’s the middle of February, and is still pretty damn cold. But I got my seeds into pots. This time I didn’t order any actual plants, because the plants I ordered from Burpee last year arrived kind of peeked and weren’t really any better than the ones I planted myself.

Yesterday I came came into my office, and lo and behold I got sprouts going on. I also have them out in the sunroom. The seed pack said 7 to 10 days, but it’s only been about 5 and I got some things happening here. These are are cucumbers of various types. Out in the sunroom I have cabbages. Now cabbages are pretty stupid thing to plant, because they’re so stinking cheap. But I have the seeds, so in they go.

I have a garden to build this weekend, basically replacing one that I built with 2x6s with metal, and in the process of clearing out a ton of spearmint.

Hopefully the others will start popping up in the next couple days.

Little over a month, and these puppies will be in the ground.

All I have to do is relax and wait.

Crazy Girl is wiped out and paws up for the weekend.