For the Chulrins…

I have a pretty busy life these days, so I don’t have a ton of time to spend watching the tube. For the most part, I’ll watch YouTubes in the sunroom while I eat lunch. Or later in the evening I’ll stream something on Amazon. Annoyingly, a lot of what Amazon coughs up requires this or that app to be installed, and they all want you to register, more than likely for targeted ads.

So one channel named Tubi has had Clint Eastwood flicks streaming. I can watch these flicks over and over. But on Tubi, they come with a price, namely dopey Beto commercials.

See, I live in a red city with blue tinges. So I’m a target for this silliness.

It’s what it is. I mostly ignore them. But after a few dozen viewings of the same damn commercial, I’ve had enough. They all have the same theme, namely how Greg Abbott will hurt the chulrins. Your chulrins. They all are of the testimony genre. A well meaning normie tells you of their Abbott induced butt hurt.

The one last week stars the quintessential Beto voter; Chubby, whiter than white pasty skin, mis-aligned eyeballs peering at you from behind her coke bottle glasses, speaks with a slight lisp, and like them all has zero clue how anything works, least of which how public schools are funded in Texas. You see, Abbotts gonna cut your child’s school funding. Had I known I was going to vent, I’d have tried to capture it. For whatever reason, I can’t find it anywhere.

That said, This is a strawman argument.

Schools here are funded by real estate taxes, called INDEPENDENT School District (ISD) taxes. In my city, this is far and away the biggest chunk of my house tax bill, about three times all the other taxes combined. It’s an astonishing and disturbing number. That’s mostly how the schools are funded. Now, awhile back they had some sort of scheme, maybe they still do, called “Robin Hood” where they grifted a chunk of dough from the affluent city’s ISD tax to distribute to poorer, more rural ISDs. I know they were trying to fix the disparity. I’m guessing the didn’t because people are flocking to Richardson, Plano, Frisco, Allen, et al for the good schools.

Abbott has zero to do with school funding. Whatever scheme they concoct will be the legistature’s job to sort out. Back in the Obama days, the stimulus bill had a huge sop to big education. Rick Perry told the districts not to include that cash in their budgets, as it wouldn’t be renewed when the legistature crafted the budget in two years. Sure enough, When it was budget time, many of them put in their requests the money that Uncle Sugar gave them, that they now wanted people like me to pay for, and Rick Perry line itemed it right out.

Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth!

How will Beto fix this? they don’t say, other than he’s fighting for the chulrins. Sad fact is, should he be elected you can bet there will be alphabetrainbow indoctrination going on rather than anything useful. I wouldn’t be surprised whatsoever to see him push for equity grading either. My home state went blue and stupid, and now the county I grew up in is doing this.

This week we have this:

That’s right. Beto is dancing on the graves of the Uvalde children that were massacred.

Greg Abbott didn’t make her school safe, that’s why her daughter was slaughtered. He’ll do the same to your kid’s school, so watch out!

Doesn’t matter that the shooter was ‘known’ to authorities. No one seems curious how a dysfunctional ne’r-do-well working part time at Wendy’s can buy thousands of dollars of gear – without an ID.

What happened there was a total systemic breakdown, from the school – who didn’t secure the door, to the school police and local cops that not only did nothing, they actively stopped others from taking care of business. It was shameful and disgusting.

It wasn’t, however, Abbott’s fault. Yet another strawman.

And what would Beto, who would gladly defund police, do to prevent this? Ban Guns?

Yeah, because that works so well in Chicago and elsewhere.

Beto will do exactly squat, except blame of course, with a red legislature and a constitution that mandates a balanced budget, which is only crafted when the legislature meets every other year.

Wonder what else is on tap for my weary eyeballs the next few weeks? Maybe (spins pointer)…abortion. Yup. Abbott will knock up your daughter and make her have the kid, like handmaids tale.

Maybe I take a break from these services until then.