All Fun & Games…

Apparently, Biden was crammed full of Adderall and gave a speech last night for the benefit of the 342 people watching CNN and MSNBC. I didn’t watch it because I can’t stand the man or to hear him talk. I was the same way with Obama. I’d fixate on that head rotating back and forth while he read the teleprompter, speaking gibberish.

I prefer this image of it:

No matter. The speech is all over the place as is commentary.

The speech itself was reprehensible. I won’t delve into it. But I have two thoughts.

First, this is America. You’re allowed to be an idiot. Look at Joey IceCreamCone, he’s been an idiot all his life and now he’s a wealthy man as well as president. I’m allowed to don a MAGA hat and wave a flag, not that I would, and you are allowed to wear a rainbow shirt and raise your fist in the air.

All the trouble in the world; Ukraine, China and Taiwan, the inflation they are only admittion to half of, shortages, et. al, and the biggest problem these Jackasses see is a dude in a MAGA hat?

And by the way, you aren’t an idiot or a threat to the republic if you think the election wasn’t on the up-and-up (to use a mild description). The democrats clearly played moneyball in swing states. It was clear as the nose on your face. Sure, he got the ‘most’ votes. But the field was restriped to make that happen, mid game.

Second, if that speech warmed the cockles of your heart, know this, in the immortal words of George Carlin: It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it. You think you are, but you aren’t no matter where on the food chain you squat. Ask Trotsky how great it was to be in the inner circle.

I had a friend that worked for a big tech manufacturer that was renowned for cutting loose the bottom 5% of the workforce – the ‘low performers’ every year. Having just been laid off, I asked if that bothered him. He said “No Sweat, just don’t be in that 5%”. I told him that mathematically, he’d be in that 5% eventually.

So make no mistake, there’s no sign, no talisman, no amount of a MAGA person’s blood painted on your doorframe is going to make the angel of misery pass by the house. The only difference between us on the right and you is, we always knew they hated us.

There could be no MAGA types around, and you’d be in the same boat. Trump is simply their Emmanuel Goldstein. That said, demonizing more than half the country is a bad move. Hell, I’ll bet that if the economy is sucking wind after the election, we’ll see him blame it all on the Kulaks, or whatever catchy term they’ll dream up for those that actually produce and pay taxes.

This week, I had a post about how the conservative talking heads were thinking that Dobbs would crater their chances this election. Not if Joey IceCreamCone keeps doing this, it won’t.

In a sane world, someone with a shepherd’s crook would drag him off the stage.

Ice Cream is only for inner party members, comrade.