Finally, it’s working

Saturday, my garage door ended up busted.

Busted torsion spring

There were none to be had anywhere, so I had to order them. If memory serves, I think I got the last ones I installed on eBay, or some other knockoff site for $50 or so. This time, I simply ordered a decent set from Home Depot for $98 or so.

They showed up Wednesday, so that evening as rain was started I got busy. It’s not hard work but you need a set of tensioner rods. They’re basically steel rods, about 18″ long that fit into holes in the end of the spring.

You can see how to do it here, I did pretty much what he did.

A pro doing it. It appears to be winter so he wasn’t sweating like a champion. Like me.

So I’m back in business.

Done deal. Dayum…I need to paint some around here. It’s the heat that does that.

It’s not hard work, really. You just have to be careful tensioning and untensioning the springs. Keep your hands and face away from the action and make sure the rods are fully seated when you turn them. My only issue was with my destroyed rotator cuff. Even though it’s been repaired, it’s still weak when lifting over my head. So tensioning wasted me.

But it’s done.

Wonder what’ll break next.