Open Letter to Gibsons

Gibsons is a bakery, actually more of a general store, in Oberlin, Ohio that’s been in business for something like 137 years. It’s a tiny town, and they are the only sort of store within walking distance where you can buy needful things, other than a Ben Franklin next door to it. They have about everything from wine, to toothpaste, to beer, and of course baked goodies. I’ve been there more than once, since daughter #2 went to Oberlin. You can read my posts on it here and here.

It’s a whacky place. Back in 2016, Oberlin went full woketard when three…uh…’teens’..shoplifted and assaulted the owner. They got tagged as rayciss, with the full mob treatment and whatnot. The college administration happily joined in, cancelling long term contracts with them and castigating them in public, riling up the student population into a tizzy. Thing is, Gibsons has always prosecuted shop lifters of all types.

As an aside, what ever happened to Honor Codes? Back when I was in school, they had Honor Codes, and if you brought shame and embarrassment on the institution, you were expelled. Not at Oberlin, who apparently wanted first dibs on how their shoplifting students are handled.

Gibsons tried six ways from Sunday to have the College fix the mess they made but eventually ended up suing Oberlin for defamation, and won. 36 Million bucks, cranked down to 25, then 31. Still a lot of cabbage.

Oberlin appealed – and lost.

Oberlin appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court, aaaand…..Lost again.

So far they’ve paid exactly diddly squat. In that time one of the owners (the man assaulted) died, as did his dad later, leaving his wife to continue the fight. Students are told to boycott the place, and the college no longer uses them. Things are dire.

So here’s my unsolicited advice:

Dear Ms. Gibson:

Congratulations on your current victory in the Ohio Supreme Court.

But I think, while you won and will win future battles, you’ve lost the war some time ago. It’s sad you promised your husband on his deathbed to keep Gibsons alive, but after all these years, it may be time to go. You may have no choice.

Fact of the matter here is Oberlin is running out the clock. No one – Not one person in the College administration has paid one bit for the shame and financial ruin they brought. They seem proud of it. They think they’re on the side of angels here. Matter of fact, from what I see, they want you gone and won’t rest, nor probably pay a nickel, until that happens. Their gameplan is clearly to see you ruined and the store long gone before they pay up. And make no mistake, these people are evil and vindictive. They will happily burn things to the ground to prevail in some way, no matter how small.

Unless you can figure out a business model that doesn’t include business with the big company in the company town, You won’t be able to stay afloat, especially if they pay up. They will work however they can to ruin you at that point. You have to take into account that they will crank the antagonism generator to 11.

It’ll be a bitter victory.

I imagine you own the property, it being there for over 130 years. I’d lease it to 7-11, or Walmart. That location won’t be viable as Gibsons until years after the shitheads that started this are gone. Unless, of course, they repent and apologize. If we weren’t in clown world, I’d say there’s a chance. But look at their actions since losing. If I were the suspicious type, and I am, I’d say they are blockading you into bankruptcy so they can score the building and put in who they want there. Look at what they did with the hotel.

Hell, they could be doing this out of spite. They probably will pay but they want you broken first. It’s how these people are. The Oberlin you knew, populated by gentry liberals, is long gone, replaced by evil and vindictive lunatics.

Sad thing is all they had to do is admit they were wrong, or caught up in the moment.

If they had any honor, this would have all ended when the ‘youths’ plead guilty.

But they don’t.

Close it up. Get your money. Build Gibsons elsewhere, where you’ll be appreciated. It seems sad to have to give in, but the culture there is rotten and insane. There’s no living with it.

Good luck, and you have my prayers


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