It’s all BS, Part 2

I listen to talk radio every morning as I feed myself and the dogs. Usually, it’s Mark Davis on 660AM. I like the banter between him and Mike Gallagher every morning.

This morning they had a converstation about how republicans are in trouble over the Dobbs decision. Supposedly Gallagher had ‘conservative women’ callers from Texas saying Dobbs did them in and they were voting full democrat ticket at the election.


First off, conservative women are manifestly pro-life. If abortion was their thing they’d never vote republican ever. Start there. I’ve never once met a woman that was pro abortion that was conservative in any way. Every one I know is just fine with Texas’ direction, and donates countless time, talent, and treasure to crisis pregnancy centers and has forever.

Second, Texas has had restrictive abortion laws for years. One of the first laws they passed was to limit it to 20 weeks, must be at a center with the same standards as any outpatient surgery, and the docs needed hospital admitting privileges. Far more lenient that any European country has now and what nearly everyone I knew thought was already the deal.

Most of it was upheld years ago. I think about the only clinics that survived that around here were planned parenthood, and mostly because of your tax dollars.

By the way, Dobbs hit the supreme court because many of the states were trying to enact common sense abortion laws. Sound familiar? Texas had little to do with it, other than wanting to codify laws they already passed.

These are seminar callers or your garden variety white gentry liberal women, who may or may not have had an abortion, but surely wants to keep them available to POCs. That’s what I see here.

So she’ll vote for an unaccomplished, wealthy, shitheaded moron as governor in the hopes that he’ll be able to overcome the deep red legislature?. And at the same time vote to elect other lefty doofuses for the same reason?

Not buying it, whatsoever. Conservative women aren’t that stupid.

He should have asked her if she was for a state income tax.

Because that’s where they’ll go if they get elected here and conservative women know this. They know your Betos of the world covet their money. Abortion isn’t on the radar for these women.

It’s all bullshit, and everyone knows it.

It’s also all about money. Even abortion.

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