Odds and Ends

Lot of stuff to catch up on.

First off, it’s hot. DAMN HOT!

That’s in the shade.

Doesn’t look like it’s going to let up soon. But, we have the climate ninnies flapping their arms about global warming. It isn’t. It’s a normal-to-hot North Texas summer. We’ve had hotter and drier. My grass is still OK, more or less, but my gardens’ have had a beatdown. I think they may be done until fall. I read where tomatoes stop producing at like 98 degrees. Don’t know, but having harvested only a handful of cherry tomatoes (I planted three different types – cherry, roma, and one I forget), I’ve not made my money back from those plants. Cucumbers, peppers, and beans? Yup.

The heat of the day is around 4PM, but I like to get the dogs out walking in the early morning when it’s still nice out. Speaking of which, it’s a downright pleasure walking now. Behold:

Usually, they are right next to me. Low Stress. These two haven’t walked side-by-side in nearly two years, Jasper being the third wheel. I came around the corner and caught them doggie-smooching. Back to how they used to be. I came back Sunday afternoon, and they were both hanging out in the yard together.

There’s harmony around here, is what I’m trying to say.

When we get back from walking, they pretty much are toast. They find cool places to hang out. Usually on the tile floor.

Speaking of floors, we got a robit vac. This one is a Sharkk. It works well and manages to keep the floors clean, provided you don’t leave anything on the floor like receipts, or foam packing. What’s funny is, eventually, it’ll hit a dog.

You know, if you encountered him at night, all you’d see are those eyes and bright white teeth before you were mauled. Jethro is the master of the happy-face dog until you’re in his personal space, or on his turf. I gave him a bath at Pet Supplies, and as I was getting my card punched, homey is sitting there ‘smiling’ at the cute girl at the counter. She asks if she can give him a treat, to which I say ‘of course’. Then she leans over the counter right into his grill.

He let her know she f-ed up. Big bark, big white teeth.

She said “Holy crap!…that scared the shit outta me!”.

I ‘counseled’ her about what she did wrong. Dude is super protective and territorial. Had she come around the corner and stood next to me, he’d have happily taken the treat.

BTW, today was bath day and when I went to check out Aria, it was the same girl. She asked Aria, sweetly, if she wanted a treat. Girlfriend sat like a lady waiting for her treat, which she let the clerk give her. So I’ve been redeemed somewhat.

Aria is a super sweet dog.

But make no mistake. She’ll “F” you up. I make a point to tell people that these dogs absolutely bite and will do so if you cross a line you shouldn’t cross. You come in the house at night and you’ll be lucky to leave alive.

My son brought Daughter #2 from the airport one night, at midnight. I was still awake when they unlocked the door. I heard – “Click” (from the lock), then all hell breaking loose a nanasecond later as the dogs were at the door ready to take care of business.

All was forgotten a few seconds later as they realized it was my son and daughter – both of which cause the sun to come up in the morning for these two. Never seen such whining and slobbering in my life.

We installed some nice bamboo blinds on the back window and door as a first step to letting the dogs sleep wherever they want. We tried in the past, but they’d get up and look out the door, see something, and bark. Usually at 3AM. We’ll see. It’s nice they sleep in their crates, but protection-wise, it’s better if they were out and about. Then again the crates aren’t locked, so if they really want to, they can bust out.

I’m certain Jethro will be on the couch or the dog bed, and Aria will be in my office.

I have my bi-yearly doctor visits. Being old and a cancer survivor, I have an entourage I have to see every six months, and some every year. So far, they are thrilled with my weight loss. My lung function is way up, and my blood numbers look good.

I actually got to see my endocrinologist this time, instead of his PA. I like the guy. Super smart, very ‘Matter of fact’, loaded with good info. He said “Think about it – go to Home Depot and pick up one of those bags of concrete. That’s what you aren’t carrying around any more”.

He’s right. That’s stunning.

He said losing 32 pounds was a big deal. I said, uh…More like 45. I gained over 10 lbs after my last visit, before I decided I didn’t want to be a fat slob any more. That got an astonished face.

And through loss of diligence (mostly with me drinking beer whilst Herself was traveling) I gained five back. So it’s more.

I’m back on track. Thank you.

I had a spell in June where I couldn’t exercise. I’m back walking, biking, lifting, and trying to strengthen my destroyed rotator cuff. I used to do curls with 35lb dumbells. I’m lucky to manage 12 with my bad arm, 20 with the other (since I’ve lapsed). That and stretches are working though.

Squats are the toughest, since it’s tough to position my arms back far enough to hold the bar properly – it’s that stiff shoulder with the anchors in it.

I’ll get there. I’ll be half a beast by the end of the summer.

My target is to have my curb weight at 225 or less. That has been my optimal weight most of my life. You know, body mass and strength enough to do what I need to do. I found that when I was under 200 I couldn’t do things that I used to be able to do, like shake a soda machine from the floor or man-handle a heavy object to where I needed it.

That’s all I got.

I have a ton of project stuff, including a how-to change brushes in a hammer drill, which was a spectacular failure on the first try.

I’ll give you a preview: “Cool! IT’S WORKING!…….Fuck.” as it smokes out, yet again.

I’m already underwater in parts compared to my new chinese hammer drill.