Not at all what I wanted to see when I went out to my car Sunday Morning.

What you see in front of you is an inner fender that’s been on the car maybe a month or so.

What’s different this time is the chunck of wiring you see, as well as the deep teeth marks in the destroyed bumper. That would be wiring for a sensor that’s up in the fender, as well as the ABS system on that wheel.

When they thought they had a rat, I opened the hood, and blew compressed air all over. This usually flushes out whatever is up there. Apparently not. Then I went and did something stupid, like go in and take a shower. Dumb move.

The car has to be at the body shop at 10AM today (Monday) for the damaged side from an accident I happened to cause.

So I spent my Sunday afternoon splicing wire and dressing it in place. Turns out there’s no damage. Once the wires were soldered back together, the ABS light went off.


It’ll be a fine start to the week.

On a happier note, when I was cleaning it out the car for it’s stay at the shop, I found Herself’s keys that she’s been looking for for months.