Sunday Music

In my opinion, there are few bands better live than the old Little Feat.

Waiting for Columbus is a seminal album, recorded at the Bayou in DC. K Street in georgetown to be precise. My old stomping grounds.

Download the whole thing.

But the two mental patient cuts – those you play over and over, are Spanish Moon, and Mercenary Territory

This is a cleaner version:

There’s whiskey,

and bad cocaine.

Poison – get you just the same…

If that don’t get you soon…

The women will down at the spanish moon.

Spanish Moon

Well I pawned my watch,

and I sold my ring.

Just to hear that girl singing, yeah…

I don’t care who are, you can wake up ruined…

You can lose it all at the Spanish Moon..

Spanish Moon

Man…oh man…that bassline has me looking at custom basses again.

Damn, I get the itch to play.

The brass will peel the paint off your ears.

And it was all live.

I was in the dentist’s this week for a cleaning, listening to the pap on their music service.


Listen to the tune and all the parts. I think the tunes I heard while I was in the chair had maybe 2-3 notes through the whole song.


As I get older, I’m heading towards Jazz. Back where musicians have some talent.

FFS…I can get our speech engine to do half of what I hear these days.

Can you even contemplate a millenial or Gen Z being able to come up with lyrics about hitting a bar and losing every bit of your cash to hear a woman sing?