Not worth it. Just not worth it.

I decided to engage one of the Karens on NextDoor.

Let me back up.

I’ve been on NextDoor for some time. When I moved to the new house I switched my address and decided to get more active. Big mistake.

  • Call the workers at Walgreens giving crappy service high functioning retards? – Get a yellow card.
  • Lament about super modern architecture built by locusts in the neighborhood? – Get a yellow card.
  • Tell a funny joke or add an editorial comment to a thread – Get a yellow card.
  • Create a post to rehome Jasper – Yellow card, doing it wrong.

What’s funny is I rarely go back and read comments. I do that on blogs as well. I’ll comment, try to insert humor but rarely go back to read the comments again. One time I got an email from another user that said they were sorry about the shitstorm that happened because of one of my offhand wisecracks. Shit went horribly sideways. The amount of bickering and hate thrown my way was like a Zelda chicken attack:

I ended up deleting my account. Hell with NextDoor and it’s population of Karens and Gladys Kravitzes.

But I reactivated my account to advertise charity functions at our Church. I rarely comment and my only posts have been to ask what’s up here or there.

So I got a yellow card for posting our tamale sales in ‘general’ and not in ‘for sale’

What? That post was the equivalent to saying McDonald’s has McRib for sale now.

And I’m frequently reported? I was years ago, but certainly not in the last two or three. My initial thought was to query their tech support and have them send me the complaints. Not who it was, just what they said. I went through my posts, which for the last three years have been fairly innocuous, like I said. But for whatever reason, I must be on a list of some sort, since this is the second ‘lead’ message I’ve had this month. Karen can’t delete the posts, but turns out someone did.

In the end, what I did was pretty much wipe my account clean. When I reactivated my account, I made sure there wasn’t any real information not available through the phone directory. I went in and shut down who can see what on my profile and I deleted all my posts other than the last two or three tamale sales. I honestly don’t care what others on that platform think of me one way or another.

I will stay in the lanes, and only post events from now on. As I perused my thread, I remembered why I deactivated my profile. The site is nearly useless. Lost my pet, found my pet, anyone know a lawn service. All nattering. The other users are as bad as the Karen leads.

My LinkedIn account is pretty clean, but I will probably delete it as well and wash my hands of retail social media.

One thought on “Not worth it. Just not worth it.

  1. The Karen Next Door site is garbage. Only good things are one guy posts some sweet nature pics from the local area and you can hear about neighborhood crime incidents that would otherwise go under your radar.


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