I Don’t Care…

I don’t care about Elon Musk buying Twitter.

Not one bit.

I got an account back in the day when it was new, looked around, and figured it was useless. And so it’s proven to be. I’m sure 90% is bots, seeing the same wording in a million different tweets. One democrat gets COVID, they all do, and they all tweet nearly identical text.


The rest, as it turns out, is 3% of their user base jabbering to themselves in Tourettes bites. As useless as I found it years ago, it’s even more so now. A wretched hive of angst, ignorance, and dimwittery.

I have very little to do with social media anymore. I have a Gab account, where I mostly lurk, and SocialGalactic, because it’s interesting. The only other two I have is NextDoor, which I use to post charity events, and LinkedIn, which I use to keep in touch with industry stuff. I’m supposed to repost corporate gibberings, but I never do.

NextDoor has a nanny/tattletale infestation. Half the time I post I get yellow carded.

That’s me on NextDoor. Almost every time.

Put up a post to rehome Jasper, and I get a nanny complaining that I posted it to “anyone” instead of using the proper method, which she sent me a link. Had to do with paying them for the service, to protect me and whatnot. I replied back that I was using a service so I was amply protected. Thanks anyhow.

Put up a post advertising a tamale sale at church, and I get someone nattering that I didn’t use the right category. FFS, I was on my mobile at the sale. Give me a break.

And forget about leaving a funny comment on anyone’s post. Don’t know how fast COVID spread, but butthurt seems to be one of the more contagious, infectious diseases.

The refs that yellow card me there appear to be a new thing. Or one I haven’t seen before – “Leads”. Basically nobs that signed up to ‘moderate’ for free. A more appropriate title would be “Karens”.

I won’t even get into LinkedIn. It’s been overcome by bots and Eastern European content farmers. Most of the posts are executive/sales speak gibbering or completely inappropriate for a business networking site. I have recruiter friends that are worn out responding to the woke ninnies using the site like facebook.

So Twitter flat out isn’t on my radar.

Only thing left there is entertainment value as the usual suspects rend their garments.