Called it a Year Ago

Back when COVID first started, I wondered what the big deal was. It’s a SARS virus. We know how they work, we know how to avoid them. Hell, Aesop was about the first to sing it. Stay away from infected people, wash your hands. Same thing you do to avoid the flu or cold. And if you’re going to wear a mask, make sure it’s fitted properly.

One of the more interesting videos I’ve seen was a sneeze test, where where they painted the droplets with a laser to study propagation:

It’s at the end that they show what happens when there’s ventilation in play. Spoiler alert, the droplets vanish.

I saw a talk last week with Dr. Ashish Jha about all things COVID. Don’t agree with his take on vaccines, but at one point he said the line I’ve been saying since spring 2020. “It’s a SARS virus. We know how they work and how you get them. You get them from being in an indoor space with poor ventilation with an infected person. You can’t get a large enough viral load outdoors or in large well ventilated spaces.”

We didn’t need to lock down diddly.

I live in Texas. It’s funny to see how things are handled here. The nanny judge, Clay Jenkins, has declared Dallas must go back to mandatory masking. So everywhere has signs up – “Mask Required, Even if You’re Vaccinated”.

Maybe 10% of those in any given store are wearing masks. Those that that are have them on their chins, under their noses. I saw maybe a dozen employees at Home Depot. Maybe four had a mask on properly, if at all.

Funny also that those mandates don’t really apply in my city or the county less than a mile north of me. In my area, of over 8 million, there are a little over 2800 hospitalized. Sorry to be callous, but that’s a rounding error. Oddly, the data doesn’t show vaccinated vs. not. Somehow that data is tough to find. At least in the ten minutes I have to polish this up and feed some dogs.

This makes me wonder why TPTB are doing this? On purpose? or are they that stupid?

I pick up my elderly neighbor to bring to Church on Saturdays. She prefers to go when it’s not crowded. Sometimes I’ll bring her to Wally World to shop, if she needs to go. She shows up with two masks and gloves.

They have her afraid to live her life as she used to. It’s sad. And tiresome.

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