Busy Day

While I’m off this week, I’m trying to get those projects done that have been back-burnered for months. But I’m having momentum issues.

You have to stop and smell the flowers sometime…

Free Morning Glories
More free Morning Glories

I didn’t plant those flowers last year. I planted them the year before. What you are seeing are the vines that popped up from the seeds of the first planting.

I harvested a ton of seeds, but it appears many more fell.


I cut down an Ash tree in the front yard and harvested some of the wood to build a few new basses. My goal this week was to cut them into usable chunks where I could start working them into bass parts.

Yeah. Screw that.


I quickly figured out that there was no way in hell the better of my two electric chainsaws were going to do the job. It struggled doing simple cutoffs. I also realized that no one I knew had the gear to do what I needed done and that blowing out my chainsaws was more expensive than simply buying a few chunks of exotic wood to do what I wanted to do. The grain was very tight, so it’s doubtful I could have finished an instrument to look like I wanted it. I’d probably have to do a solid color and what’s the point of that?

So I cut it into chunks to split for the firepit, or the grill.

I also found it had, in no way, dried enough to split. So I stacked it on top of my brick pile to dry.

At the same time I cleaned out that corner of the yard, putting things away, making it dog friendly. Lessening the chance I’ll be paying a fat vet bill any time soon.

At least I got that done.