Redneck Watering Can

I have watering can issues.

Actually, I have dog issues. As in they like to eat things that are plastic.

I had a plastic watering can, which the puppy promptly ate the important part. The one at at the end that makes the sprinkles. So, I bought a metal can.

That one was actually fantastic. Worth the money I spent. At least until this spring where the water pooling in the head rotted the important bit. I tried soldering patches on it, but my torch melted all the lead and the sprinkler head collapsed.

I was clearing out junk yesterday and came upon the old plastic can. I wondered if I could attach the shower head I just replaced. Turned out, the threads on the head match the threads on the PVC irrigation stems I use. A little cut, a little epoxy, and we have:

Redneckery at it’s finest.

Today the glue was dry and I needed to water.

What I got was a dribble.

Turns out I forgot about the flow restrictor, something I didn’t realize existed until I installed the new “sunflower” shower head and it came with a selection of restrictors and a screen for none at all. I used none originally, and the shower, while invigorating, was a bit much. So I put in the middle 2.5GPM restrictor.

FFS, is there nothing the gubmint nannies won’t ruin? Geez, first it was toilets, now it’s shower heads.

Back to the problem at hand.

Since I was, uh, generous with the epoxy, there was no unscrewing the thing to remove this. No sweat, I got a drill. This I used to punch a 1/2″ hole clear through it. And for good measure, widened the little holes on the business end. Really easy job, if you don’t count blowing the gasket clear across the garage with my air compressor when I blew out the metal and plastic shards.

It works OK. Not great. But good enough to water my delicate winter veggie seedlings.

Now if I could only find a purpose for the 4 pairs of brake disks I have rusting in the back.