Transmission Problems

I have a problem with gears.

As in getting my ass in gear.

I’m sitting here killing time on the blog while I wait to go to my meeting of the vast right wing conspiracy. At least that’s what our cackling idiot of a vice president thinks of me and my brothers.

I wasn’t planning on going. I have enough meetings in my life. But I had nearly half a dozen guys tell me “See you at the meeting tomorrow!”. So I’ll go.

May as well accomplish something today.

I’m burning another week of use-it-or-lose it vacation this week. I have plans. Lots of playing with wood. Things have to be built. Things have to be fixed.

Took me until nearly two o’clock today to get it in gear, head to Home Depot and pick up wood. I pondered the task of fixing two shitty Adirondack chairs that split. They appear to have been built with balsa wood. Then I moved to building a drawer for my high tech metal and wood desk. It has none, and needs one to handle the clutter.

That took all of an hour. So I turned back to consider the chairs. Turns out the balsa wood has some joints I don’t want to deal with.

I thought about it for a bit. Then did the right thing and brought them out for the trash. They had the stink of failure about them. Like in I’d spend hours fixing the split pieces and have them split elsewhere.

Tomorrow I have to deal with the ash logs from the tree we cut down. We’ll see how the chainsaws work. I’m hoping to get a few usable pieces out of them.

I have a feeling they are going to turn into firewood.