Who is Clay Jenkins?

Clay Jenkins is some nob judge in Dallas that thinks he can issue edicts, like a king, to control the citizens in Dallas County’s lives. He recently issued an edict that those in Dallas now must mask up, again.

I heard it on the news, and ignored it. As it appears most are doing.

Then I went to wally world.

You see, I live on the border of Richardson and Dallas. So literally across the street at Walmart, everyone was wearing masks. Matter of fact, I was offered one, and refused, by the lackey at the door when I brought my elderly neighbor there to shop.

Here’s the deal. Masks never worked. Especially at Walmart. What you’ll see is some in no mask, some with the mask under their nose, some with the mask on their chin. Just like with peak COVID. Useless.

Later this week, I had some days off, so I’m doing stuff. Stuff that means going to Home Depot. Now, Home Depot has a big-ass sign saying even though you’re vaccinated you must wear a mask in their store. Yeah. Right. Less than a quarter were, including employees.

Same with Tom Thumb, who took a milder approach – asking to please use a mask. More were. Maybe 1/2.

These places are huge. 250K sq ft with huge air handlers. You never needed a mask in there. Ever.

Yet, here we are. Because some nob judge in Dallas says so, Defying Texas Law, as a matter of fact.

Where’s the data?

Seriously, where is it?

This has been going on for years. Where’s the data that shows masks work? Where’s the data that shows vaccines work? There is data that shows they abjectly do not. At least not to the level claimed.

There’s also data that the “delta variant” that’s causing the hysteria du jour is far less fatal than other versions.

Where are the dead?

Yeah. Cases are going up. Deaths are not.

Last I looked, the cases alone in DFW were a rounding error.

There’s +4 million souls here. Cases are in the low six digits. Deaths are even less – about 3400, year to date.

We are being ruled by the stupid, incompetent, and greedy. It’s way past time to show these people the door. They’ve lied so much about nearly everything, there’s no point paying attention any more.

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