I was walking the dogs the other day and noticed orange ribbons tied on tons of trees in my neighborhood.

The walk at the entrance to the park

I figured, what the hell. Who’s virtue signaling what?

I asked some geezers that I know that live around here. They had no idea, although they had noticed them as well. So I did what anyone does these days and searched on the interwebs. As I found a “ribbon for social distancing” site, spooling up for a rant, an email came in:

Hello Neighbors. 

As many of you have observed when driving around the neighborhood, there are lots of orange ribbons out in the neighborhood and some of you may not be sure why.  Luke XXXXX, Beth and Derek’s 6yo son, has been going through treatments for AML (Leukemia) for the last several months and was recently sent home for hospice care.  Luke’s favorite color is orange so to show our love and support for the family, several friends have organized wrapping trees, columns, street signs, etc. to flood our neighborhood with orange to show Luke and the entire Child’s family, whom have lived on [their street] and have been a part of the [neighborhood] family for years, how much they are loved.   

I encourage you all to show your support for the family, by putting some Orange somewhere in your yard or window.   If you don’t know where to buy orange, people have been buying orange tablecloths at party city and on Amazon (next day delivery).


The blocks here are festooned in orange. I love my neighborhood.

I got mine today and put it on my tree.