I’m at a loss…

I’m at a loss to describe what I’m seeing here.

And that’s pretty hard to do since I never failed to have words.

What we have here is a woman whose won life’s lottery. She wound up getting elected, and is riding the gravy train that exists in DC in the Mid-Atlantic corridor. Without any kind of special extra money she makes, which he most certainly does, she’s pulling in what? $175K?

That is more than enough to pay for an apartment in New York and a place to stay in DC.

Yet here she is complaining that Uncle Sucker isn’t paying for her grandma, otherwise known as Abeula, in spanish lingo), to fix a roof that’s been leaking from hurricane long ago.

What the hell?

Does this midwit understand what most of the country is going through at the moment?

Does she even understand that most people in this country are appalled by this tweet?

I’m not nearly set up as well as herself. Yet if a relation of mine needed help, I would be there to help. As a matter fact my mother-in-law needed help as she had mostly outlived her money. Yet those of us that could stepped up to make sure that she was taking care of. This is what we do.

Think about how cheap it would be to fix that roof, and said her grandmother up in some semblance of comfort in what is basically a Third World country masquerading as a Commonwealth. She has the ability. It never occurred to her.

What occurred to her is to finally visit her grandmother, after over a year past the hurricanes damage, and then finally do something to help her grandmother’s plight.

Never occurred to her, or apparently her extended family, whatsoever, to help grandma.

So why should we?

Worse yet we have knobs like Matt Walsh setting up gofundme accounts for Granny, hoping to shame herself or at least get some cheap shots. He completely missed the point. Let Granny suffer. Granny has an extended family who should be helping her and is not. It’s not my job as chubby honkey in Texas to pay for Granny. I have my own problems.

They’ve could have used this as a cudgel to beat herself senseless. Yet where they do? Open up the f-ing wallet to help out like a human being should, only to be shut down and have thrown in their face.

Good Lord. This is embarrassing all the way around.